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June 2023
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February 18th, 2010

Welcome back Manta-fans!

I just want to start this weeks site update by saying I am a firm believer that no matter what you are endeavoring to accomplish, you cannot forget those who came before you.   Anytime I step out to do Stand Up, the stage I perform on is only there because its held up by the shoulders of those who performed before me and instilled a love for it in both the audience and the people who practice it.

In 2005,  a comedian who served as a deep inspiration to me and greatly influenced my comedy, Mitch Hedberg died tragically.   Since then I’ve made it a yearly tradition to, on the week of his birthday (February 24th) perform a Mitch Hedberg tribute set on whatever stage I am performing at that week, or simply at local open mics.    This year it will be on Tuesday, Feb 23rd at Stanford & Sons in Kansas City.  So grab your sunglasses, Come out and join me in honoring the memory of Mitch.  We miss you brother, RIP.

In addition to stand up, we have also been working on more shorts for the website and have been focusing on the game themed projects.  Last night we wrapped up a shoot for a little fun based on the classic arcade Gauntlet.  Hope to have that live soon, as well as some others that are going into production.

And of course, Simon Belmont’s Vampire Hunting Podcast is always in the works.  Episode 5 will be along in due time, with more vampire hunting tips and comedy.  I’m happy to say that little project has been growing in popularity faster than expected…our mail bag is getting fuller each episode with questions for your favorite slayers.

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