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June 2023
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Cine Mother Lovers

Cine Mother Lovers Podcast

“We aren’t Hollywood heavyweights, we’re just big boned.”

          Part review, part commentary, part podcast.  Cine Mother Lovers is a bi-weekly-to-monthly-ish pod-commenatry hosted by Matt McInnis and Dan McFarland.  While Cine Mo-Lo’s is a banging podcast on its own, you can achieve the full effect by finding a copy of the movie in the episode’s title and hit play when we do so you can watch along with our commentary.

Episode 24: Heavy Metal (1981): Skip to 12:30 to go directly to the synch up.  With Dan calling in sick again, Matt and Jason watch the first animated movie to appear on Cinemother Lovers, which doubles as the movie that shaped the sexuality of many 80s youths, and explore the effects it had on their own lives and personalities.  Jason recounts the time an elite Joust player threw a t-shirt at him, and we record possibly the 4th time in history this movie as been watched not high on model glue. This also get weird a lot.

Episode 23: Cobra: Skip to 12:10 to bypass intro and go directly to sync.  Matt, Jason and Brannan re-make our lost episode.  After our Cobra episode was found to be unsalvageable sometime last year, we decided to give it a redux.  Join us in watching what might be the only Stallone movie AND only Canon movie to be based on a novel.  We also open exploring what might be the most insensitive episode of Quantum Leap, and ponder the tone deaf sensibilities of the 80s.

Episode 22: Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (NOES Rankbank winner!): Skip to 22:05 to bypass intro and go directly into the commentary setup.  Matt, Jason, Dan, and briefly, Brannan finally knock out the last movie in the Nightmare Saga ranking.  Its a long road that we regretted, and the payoff shows just how half hearted the journey got.  Other topics of discussion covered include racism in cartoons, cookie dough asking for your dignity, oysters as “garbage food”, and possible series for future rank bank contention.  So, buckle up and enjoy the best movie Freddy ever made which also happens to be a film adaptation of Dokken’s hit song Dream Warriors!

Episode 21: Freddy Vs Jason (NOES Rankbank 2nd Place!) : Skip to 14:00 to bypass intro and go into synch-up instructions. CineMo-Lo’s Matt, Dan, Jason, and Zach all gather up to celebrate Halloween AND double dip the Nightmare Saga Rankbank in this special episode.  Dan returns after a long absence, Zach returns after only being here once, we discuss our upcoming Tinder podcast and then Matt makes the controversial case that Freddy vs Jason is infact the second best movie in the entire Elm Street series.  We also discuss how weird 2003 looked and how bad its music was as well as death by bed-compression.

Episode 20: Independence Day: Resurgence : Skip to 4:45 to bypass the intro and go right to commentary setup. We celebrate our 20th episode by watching a movie 2 out of 3 CineMolos never took the time to watch, and with a cast member who has never been on board!  Matt and Brannan return with longtime Mantapus pal Zach Hodson running the studio as we piece together the 20 years too late re-sequel-boot to Independence Day.  We discuss Napoleon Bonamite as well as how gross Brent Spiner looks now.  Take this very special journey with us.

Episode 19: A Nightmare on Elm Street (Rankbank 3rd place): Skip to 13:35 to bypass the introduction and go directly to the commentary track.  After a break, Cinemolos is back!  Matt, Jason and Brannan talk over what the official Rank Bank calls the third best Nightmare on Elm Street movie.. Nightmare on Elm Street!  Join us in our glorious return!

Episode 18: Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens: Skip to 27:55 and hit play when you see “A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away…” on screen to go right to commentary track set up.  In a Cinemolos first, Matt, Dan and Jason do a commentary track for a movie still in theaters.  If you’re among the Star Wars devout making their 8th, 9th, and 10th repeat viewings go bring this track along and spend one of those trips with us talking our way through it.

Episode 17: Wes Cravens New Nightmare (Rankbank 4th place): Skip to 17:20 to bypass intro and go straight to commentary.  As the NOES Rankbank winds into the home stretch, the CineMolos examine the first movie in the series that can be called “good” without any qualifiers or criteria.  We also talk about Wes Craven’s passing and horror movies that Brannan has never seen.

Episode 16: Jurassic World:  Skip to 11:00 to bypass intro and go to commentary.  Matt, Jason and Brannan watch the most recent and highest grossing movie to date on the show.  We also muse over what expanded universes would be idea for Jurassic sequels down the road.  Did we like the movie? or did it deliver Dino-Snores? Boom.  Also I think it gets mildly racist a few times.  Be a real ass dude and listen.

Episode 15: Commando:  Skip to 12:40 to bypass intro and go right into the commentary.  A lost episode resumed.  The former episode 13 that was lost due to technical difficulties is back…but with a few technical difficulties still.  Instead of letting it rot away, we decided to air it and diminish as many of the issues as possible.  Matt, Dan, Jason and Brannan stress test the show and see how many people can coexist while doing moving commentary.  Turns out Brannans mic was malfunctioning.  We watch the 1984 action classic Commando.  We discuss “Hepatitis Chuck” and that Mad Max should get its own Lego sets.

Episode 14: Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (Rankbank 5th place winner!)  The CineMother Lovers exploration of the Nightmare saga breaks water into the worst good, or the best bad movie in the series.  In an episode that can only be described as “getting it out of the way” Matt, Dan and Jason kind of talk about the movie and otherwise just inexplicably talk in a mooky accent and saying whatever pops into mind.  Buckle up, its a weird one.

Episode 13: Enter The Dragon  Skip to 21:25 to bypass the intro.  After taking a little time off, Matt and Dan talk about Bruce Lee man crushes, martial arts movies, and tweets from 2013 that you might have missed.  Is this movie the first great martial arts movie, or a ripoff of a James Bond movie?  Does that mean Mortal Kombat, being a ripoff of this, is technically a ripoff of a James Bond movie too?  Does it matter?  John Saxon co-stars. (in this movie, not Mortal Kombat.  But he should have.)

Episode 12: Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (NOES Rankbank’s 6th place!) : Skip to 11:55 to go directly to commentary set up.  Jason Chaffe returns and Dan is mysteriously missing.  Together Matt and Jason break the last episode’s promise of doing a non-Freddy movie to break up the Rankbank, and opt to just get it over with this much faster by diving right into Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child.  Its the movie that looked over the Nightmare franchise and said “You know what this is missing?  Teen pregnancy!”

 Episode 11: Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (NOES Rankbank’s 7th place!)  Skip to 16:00 to go directly to commentary sync.  Matt and Dan return to the Elm Street and dredge up another embarrassing piece of Freddy’s past.  In addition to talking about horror movies, it is noted that this movie will never be watched again unless its star Mark Patton agrees to watch along side and answer many questions.

Episode 10: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze: Skip to 21:00 to get right into the commentary set up.  Special guest Dustin Kaufman joins us as we watch a childhood classic and talk about all things turtles.

After you’ve had your fill of pizza and combat cold cuts, hop over to to keep up with Dustin’s late night sketch comedy show Kauf Drops.  Also, do the same on youtube and Facebook and all those places.

Episode 9: A Knights Tale : Skip to 24:00 to bypass intro and go right to set up.  After talking about it and not doing it for week after week, we finally get around to watching one of the best feeling feel good movies about jousting ever made.  We also talk about guilty pleasures and something about Axl Rose maybe.

BONUS EPISODE: NOES Rankbank #8 Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)  A previously recorded bonus episode.  Matt and Brannan Murphy discuss the second worst movie ever made that features Freddy Krueger.  It gets weird

Episode 8: Tango & Cash : Skip to 14:55 to go directly to commentary track setup and skip our intro.  Our second guest host, Jason Chaffe joins us in watching Tango & Cash.  T & C is a movie that isn’t sure if its an action film, a comedy, a crime drama, or a gay love story.

Episode 7: Mystery Men :  Skip to and 24:40 to go directly to commentary track set up. Matt and Dan watch the super hero movie that Guardians of the Galaxy almost was in many ways. We also talk about Matt being in love with Janeane Garofalo a lot more than is probably ok.

Episode 6: Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare  (NOES Rankbank #9)  :  Skip to 18:30 to go directly to commentary track set up.  The Nightmare On Elm Street saga has the dubious honor of being the first entry of “The Rankbank”, where we take a series and rank them from worst to best.   This is purely based on Matt’s ranking of the movies as Dan was not consulted.   Coming in at dead last, the 9th worst movie to feature Freddy Krueger. Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare.

Episode 5: Pootie Tang :  Skip to 27:30 to go directly to commentary set up.  Special guest host, and our first guest ever, Chris Cubas joins us as we explore the film Dan calls our generation’s Citizen Kane.   A film that came from Chris Rock and Louis CK, before anyone really gave a crap about who they were.  We also discuss stand up comedy and order a pizza.  Also, click here for more of Chris Cubas.

Episode 4: Cannibal the Musical : Jump to 32:00 to skip the intro and go to commentary.  Due to scheduling conflicts with a guest, Matt and Dan watch Cannibal: The Musical this week and review a movie that came out 3 weeks ago.  Trey Parker and this musical both hold a very special place in our hearts.    *NOTE-  We watched the movie on Netflix, which looks like it may be lacking scenes that were added in the “special edition” releases of the movie.  So there might be sync issues, if you are watching along you might need to readjust a bit.

Episode 3: Batman (1989) : Jump to 22:00 to skip right to the commentary.  After complaining about the forgettable move Lucy for no reason at all, we get around to talking over one of the original big super hero movies.

Episode 2: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom : Jump to the 33:00 mark to get right into the commentary.  Or listen to the opening, which starts in mid-rant about Spider-Man and somehow becomes about the Monster Cereals.   Eventually however we discuss the most divisive of the Indy movies, and oft considered the black sheep of the family.

Episode 1: Clash of the Titans (2010) : Commentary begins at 16:16, for those of you synching up at home.   Matt and Dan take an adventure of stupidity and offensive remakes for their premiere episode.  Also they talk about things!