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June 2023
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Cine Mo-Lo’s Episode 4: Cannibal The Musical!

Matt and Dan watch a movie that already had a great commentary track anyway!  We talk over Trey Parker’s now famous pre-South Park effort, Cannibal: The Musical.

Note, we watched this on Netflix..which may be missing  scenes from the “special edition” released on dvd.   So if we seem like we are talking about something else entirely you might need to re sync a bit.

Click here to listen!

Cine Mo-Lo’s Podcast!

You might have noticed a new tab on the site!

Dan McFarland and myself are eager to announce our new pod-commentary-cast that will be launching shortly on this site!

Each week, after some general chatter, we will do a commentary track for whatever movie is in the episode title.  Listen to it on its own or break out a copy of the movie in question and when we say to hit play, watch along with our commentary track for the full effect.

The first Episode should be launching soon, which will be celebrated with commentary to the classic example of how-not-to-remake remake of Clash of the Titans!


Straight Outta Comicon and Halloween

October has been busy!

We finally announced and launced Straight Outta Comicon, the new comedy project by myself and Matt Keck. The writing, producing, rehearsing and ongoing production of this show has occupied most of October. Its also why I havnt been on as many stand up stages this month as well.

For those in the Kansas City area, we will be showcasing Straight Outta Comicon on Wednesday October 19th at Comedy City in Westport at 7:00. Additionally, its free admission in costume AND its a live recording. The following day we are flying out to Nashville to do the show at Geek Media Expo. Upon returning we will be moving forward with a full schedule of convention appearances. This is new comedy with a new audience in a new venue, and we are very excited. We will be launching a website specifically for following SoC soon too.

Speaking of Geek Media Expo, we are going to be there. But not just as performers, but as part of the convention. Matt Keck and I will be particpating in numerous events and hope to see all of you there.

If that wasnt enough, the annual Halloween video has been under heavy pre-production as well. We have had to reach deeper into the comedy community and its shaping up to be the most elaborate adventure for Freddy and the gang yet. Cameras roll October 15th, and it will be live as soon as I get a chance to get into the stuido to edit it all together.

Stay tuned for more!

July Update

Hi, Thanks for stopping by again!

July has been a bit busy with “behind the scenes” work… setting up a new calender of shows for the rest of the Summer/Fall, working on more videos (Bad Dudes: The Movie has been quite a hassle at this point) and working on other projects that details will be witheld on until they develop more..just rest assured its mind blowing.

With any luck Ill have a new video up this coming week with either some sketchwork or at least a review or something fun.
So look around, hit contact and send a shout, and keep an eye out on here, and for more stand up shows and events as they pop up!

Headline Set in Grain Valley

On Friday the 24th, I’ll be headlineing Longshots comedy show in Grain Valley with some good comic friends and Mantapus co-horts Matt Keck, Denver Little, and Jeff Baker.

The show is one night only, starts at 9 and promises to be great.

You may have noticed I’ve been a little behind on the site, Mantapus home base had to move loctations, and I’ve been working on a lot of writing for other projects (Co-authoring a web comic, plotting out more videos, developing the groundwork for our first stage show/tour, Jedi Senator’ing for Star Wars Galaxies, and of course Mortal Kombat.)  So a lot has been happening , and with any luck there should be more info on that stuff soon.

I’m planning to put up a new outtake video soon, as well as our latest Gamer Video Short, “Bad Dudes:The Movie”.

Thanks for stopping by.