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February 2020
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Cine Mo-Lo’s

CineMo-Lo’s Episode 7: Mystery Men

After a little time off, Episode 7 is arrived!

Click here to listen, if you want to bypass intro and go straight to the commentary skip to 24:40 

Matt and Dan watch and talk over a favorite and somewhat forgotten super hero comedy that does everything wrong, but kinda right.   We also delve into Matt’s somewhat overwhelming crush on Janeane Garofalo.



Cine Mo-Lo’s Episode 6: Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

After a short break, we’re back!   With episode 6, we start a journey known as “the rankbank”, where we take a series and rank its entries from worst to best.  Our first saga to dissect is A Nightmare On Elm Street, and ranking in as the worst offering from this series is Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare.

Click here to listen! (commentary starts at 18:30 if you wish to skip the intro)

Cine MoLo’s Episode 5: Pootie Tang

We are back, this week we are joined by special guest Chris Cubas as we watch the film oddity Pootie Tang.  Its a film where so much went wrong in production, and so much seems wrong in execution that its interesting how much it does right despite doing so much wrong.   Also Dan says its our generations Citizen Kane.  We also talk about stand up comedy, black face, and order a pizza.

Click here to listen!

For you TL:DR’ers out there, skip to 27:30 to go directly to the commentary set up.

To find more on Chris, click here


Cine Mo-Lo’s Episode 4: Cannibal The Musical!

Matt and Dan watch a movie that already had a great commentary track anyway!  We talk over Trey Parker’s now famous pre-South Park effort, Cannibal: The Musical.

Note, we watched this on Netflix..which may be missing  scenes from the “special edition” released on dvd.   So if we seem like we are talking about something else entirely you might need to re sync a bit.

Click here to listen!

Cine Mo-Lo’s Episode 3: Batman ’89

Matt and Dan are back.  This week, there is a discussion about how stupid Lucy was amongst other chatter.. then we talk over the classic Batman, made before Tim Burton focused on terrible movies.

click here to listen!

Skip to 22:00 mark to go directly to the commentary!