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June 2023
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Cine Mo-Lo’s

CineMother Lover’s Episode #12!


Big thanks to everyone who came out to our show The Roast of Mario!  It was good fun and silly dumb.

Also:  Cinemother Lovers is back!

We keep chopping away at the Nightmare on Elm Street series in our “Rankbank”, where we stack them from worst to best.   Coming in 6th place (4th worst) is Nightmare 5: The Dream Child!

Listen here! Skip to 11:55 to go directly to the commentary setup and bypass the intro.

CineMother Lovers Episode 11: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

Click Here to listen!  To bypass intro and go directly to synching, skip to 16:00 the mark.

Matt and Dan are still chipping away at Freddy movies… still.  Enjoy what they rank as the third worst Elm Street venture while  they talk over it and baffle at how it doesn’t add up.  There is also a presented theory that birds might have nightmares.

Cine MoLo’s Episode 10: TMNT 2!

As our last act of 2014, or to ring in 2015 we have a new episode of everyones favorite Podmentary series!

This time we are joined by long time friend and nerd comedy-bro Dustin Kaufman as we watch the movie that call into question 95% of the criticisms of the new TMNT reboot: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze.

To listen click here to skip directly to bypass the intro and get right to the commentary itself, go to the 21:00 mark.

Also, find more of Dustin Kaufman and his late night sketch comedy show Kauf Drops here:

or follow it here: @kaufdropslive

or subscribe to it here:

Or, just google it on the media of your choice.. its probably there too.

Cine Mo-Lo’s Update

So, you might have noticed the most recent episode of CineMother Lover’s Podcast has been late.

Unfortunately there was some technical issues and the most recent episode has to be re-recorded.  The good news is we will be recording a twofer to get caught back up and on track.

So, thanks for sticking with us!

Also, don’t forget to check out Episode #9, our highly anticipated commentary on A Knight’s Tale. (Click here.  Skip to 24:00 to go right to commentary.)

CineMother-Lovers Episode #8: Tango & Cash

After a little time off due to technical issues and Dan going on vacation, Cine Mo-Los is back on track!

Click here to listen! (Skip to 14:55 to bypass the intro and go straight to the commentary setup)

Today we are joined by Jason Chaffee as we go back to the 80’s for Tango & Cash.  Its one of the best/worst movies in both Sly Stallone AND Kurt Russell’s careers.