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January 2017
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Hoodie Avengers: Hulks Secret

CineMo-Lo’s Halloween Episode Is Up!

This time around the gang double dips celebrating Halloween with moving along the Nightmare Series Rankbank!

Click Here! (To go directly to synch instructions, skip to 14:00)

All CineMother-Lover hands are on deck with Matt, Dan, Jason and Zach all joining forces to discuss Freddy vs Jason which falls in the 2nd place over all in the Elm Street Rankings.  They also come to terms with how dated the year 2003 suddenly looks.

CineMo-Lo’s Episode 20: Independence Day Resurgence

Click Here to listen!

Skip to 4:45 to bypass into commentary setup.

Longtime Mantapus pal Zach Hodson sits in our 20th episode alongside Brannan Murphy and Matt while we watch and figured out Independence Day Resurgence, a move 2 out of 3 of the episodes cast members have not seen prior to recording.  Also we make fun of french people I think.

Cinemolo’s Returns!

After taking some time off, we are back in the studio again!

We return with our 19th episode, Nightmare On Elm Street..which ranks 3rd place in our ongoing Rankbank of the Nightmare series.

Click HERE to listen! Skip to 13:35 to go directly to commentary track setup!

CineMolos Episode 18: Star Wars The Force Awakens


Our 18th episode brings a CineMolos first.. a commentary on a movie that is still actually in theaters.  We were so excited to ramble on about Star Wars Ep 7 that we didn’t wait for it to come out on a home format.  So, as you’re going to your 9th viewing in the theatre, bring your earbuds and hear us work our way through it in real time!

In order to bypass the intro and go right to the commentary, go to 27:55 then pause us and then hit play when you see “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away” on screen.  You’ll be sync’ed up and ready to roll.

CineMother Lovers Episode 16: Jurassic World

Click here to listen! Skip to 11:00 to bypass intro and go directly to commentary.

In this episode, we visit the podmentary’s newest and highest grossing movie: Jurassic World.  Matt, Jason and Brannan eat a bunch of tacos and discuss if its great or just so dumb that its great.  Click above to listen or go to the  CineMolos tab for all the episodes.