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November 2015
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Hoodie Avengers: Hulks Secret

CineMother Lovers Episode 16: Jurassic World

Click here to listen! Skip to 11:00 to bypass intro and go directly to commentary.

In this episode, we visit the podmentary’s newest and highest grossing movie: Jurassic World.  Matt, Jason and Brannan eat a bunch of tacos and discuss if its great or just so dumb that its great.  Click above to listen or go to the  CineMolos tab for all the episodes.

CineMolos Episode 15: Commando

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This episode was originally recorded as episode 13, but due to technical issues we lost it.   After doing our best attempt at a clean up pass we decided that if you don’t mind bearing with a few frizzing miscs, we don’t mind posting it.   Matt and Dan are joined by Jason and Brannan to see just how many voice CineMolos can handle while we discuss 80s action opus and previous Cheap Shots riff victim: Commando.  Also we explore “Hepatitis Chuck”.


CineMother Lovers Episode 14 now live!

Click here to listen

Our exploration of the Elm Street saga continues.  Listen in as Matt, Dan, and Jason struggle to talk about the movie.  If you are looking for actual trivia about this movie, then this one is going to be a bumpy ride.

CineMother-Lovers, Episode 13: Enter The Dragon

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Skip to 21:25 to bypass the intro.

After taking a little time off, Matt and Dan talk about Bruce Lee man crushes, martial arts movies, and tweets from 2013 that you might have missed.  Is this movie the first great martial arts movie, or a ripoff of a James Bond movie?  Does that mean Mortal Kombat, being a ripoff of this, is technically a ripoff of a James Bond movie too?  Does it matter?  John Saxon co-stars. (in this movie, not Mortal Kombat.  But he should have.)

Cheap Shots-Shorts

In efforts to stay sharp, sometimes the Cheap Shots folks sit and watch shorts and just talk at them.  Its unscripted, unprepared and we generally have never seen the videos in question.   So, this time we recorded it.  Enjoy some behind the scenes Cheap Shots stuff!