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April 2014
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Hoodie Avengers: Superior Spider-Man

Seems like its been a while…

Well the last update says “October 2012″, and it is now March 2013.

To say the least, Mantapus needs a check in.

I have not been inactive, quite the opposite.  I’ve been doing (and am still doing) a lot to get Straight Outta Comicon rolling, which has commanded a great deal of my efforts.  In that however, I have by and large been unable to keep much happening over here.

I’d like to get some more activity and traction happening here on Mantapus while I keep active in moving Straight Outta Comicon forward.  Im not sure what will be here though.  Mantapus Productions strength has always been its flexibility, be it films, acting, comedy, sketch work, writing… Its a brand that is able to support whatever creative endeavor I want.  Mantapus will always been home to my stand up comedy, but otherwise Im not sure what all I want to use this spot for.  The one thing that is certain is that I want it to grow alongside Straight Outta Comicon, not sit in the shadow.

So, keep an eye here and on

I have some pretty big things in mind for 2013, and theres no room for letting any of our webfaces go un polished.

October 2012 Update


Its been a little while, since I checked in here.  I’ve been travelling and driving our geek comedy show Straight Outta Comicon for much of the previous year, so most of the current info has been there.

That said, I’d like to keep this website’s head above water too what with it being my own little corner of the internet. 

Theres a little good and bad news.  The good news is that the tour schedule for October has been full.  The bad news is that as a result there hasn’t been time to develop a 4th annual Halloween Special.  Depending on what the winter months allow though, we might see the monster gang return for a Thanksgiving or Christmas installment to make up for it.

Look for me this weekend at Geek Media Expo in Nashville, and after we return, look for this website to pick up some bustle!



Whats been happening?

As many of you know, I’ve been pretty headlong into our convention hopping geek comedy show, Straight Outta Comicon.  As a result a lot of my focus has been there.  Thats not to say the Mantapus Site isn’t still the database for all the goings ons… just means theres a lot of on’s going.

Soon Straight Outta Comicon will have grown into its own site, until then make sure you are keeping up with us at and for all our web content and fun to tide you over until we are at a convention in your area.


Another Halloween…now onto the next adventure!

As you probably noticed, the highly anticipated Mantapus Halloween Special went live, and its good to have another one under our belt.  We brought in a lot more new faces to Mantapus Productions to get through it, and we strove to see how grand in scope it could get. 

Moving forward, its time to get pressure back onto Straight Outta Comicon.  We had a great showing in Tennesee at Geek Media Expo 3, and the plan will be to have the first bits of information on a tour season, as well as a new website, and other fun stuff ready to go by the end of the holiday season. 

We plan to work closely with conventions across the country to get comedy in a new form to a stage its seldom seen on  at a professional level.  Anyone interested in supporting us can do so by follow us at the Facebook page and/or Youtube channel.  (  and to contact the convention committees in your area and demand us.  We are planning on having a big year, and want as many cities and as many fans to be a part of it as possible. 


Back Home

Mantapus Productions and Straight Outta Comicon want to send a big thanks to Geek Media Expo for a great convention and for having us perform their event, and a similar thanks to all the folks who made the Kansas City show a success as well.  We are working on building the full tour as we speak, so there should be more details on which cons in your area you can find us at.

Now that Im back at the computer, editing has begun on the Halloween Special, so that should be up soon.   We also have some more videos planned for the new Straight Outta Comicon youtube channel.  So be sure to subscribe there and like to keep up with us.  A full on website should be up in the near future for that project.