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July 2014
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Saftey: In Danger, Out of Doors unscripted riff with Cheap Shots

Cine Mo-Lo’s Episode 1: Clash of the Titans (2010)

Matt and Dan start the season off high by slugging through a movie you probably forgot happened!

We also discuss the show’s lack of a name and Ghostbusters!

Listen to Episode 1!  (Commentary starts at 16:16 for those of you syncing up at home, or for those of you TL:DR types)

Cine Mo-Lo’s Podcast!

You might have noticed a new tab on the site!

Dan McFarland and myself are eager to announce our new pod-commentary-cast that will be launching shortly on this site!

Each week, after some general chatter, we will do a commentary track for whatever movie is in the episode title.  Listen to it on its own or break out a copy of the movie in question and when we say to hit play, watch along with our commentary track for the full effect.

The first Episode should be launching soon, which will be celebrated with commentary to the classic example of how-not-to-remake remake of Clash of the Titans!


Movies and Cons!

Just a quick update of some places and things happening in the very near future!

I’ll be at Alamo Drafthouse in Kansas City with The Movie Interruption Wednesday the 23rd and Friday the 25th.  We will be talking over the classics Hook and Over the Top respectively.  Hit up the Alamo Drafthouse KC for more details and tickets.

Cheap Shots Movie Riffs is going to be celebrating the Ninja Turtles legacy with a live riff of TMNT 3 on August 6th at Screenland Armour in North Kansas City.  With a new Bay produced Turtles movie on the way, it could be the last week that we consider part 3 the worst turtles movie!

Straight Outta Comicon is going to be squeezing out a few more con shows too!

Glitchcon is inviting us back as performance guests August 1-3 in Springdale Arkansas

Then we are going to be at Spocon in Spokane Washington August  15th-17th.


Commentary Track for Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) with Matt and Brannan

Ever wanted to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street… the remake.. with me and Brannan talking the whole time?

Well, then you are in luck!

Start this commentary track right as you hit play on your movie, and enjoy us instead of its actual regular audio track!

Find it here:

Seems like its been a while…

Well the last update says “October 2012″, and it is now March 2013.

To say the least, Mantapus needs a check in.

I have not been inactive, quite the opposite.  I’ve been doing (and am still doing) a lot to get Straight Outta Comicon rolling, which has commanded a great deal of my efforts.  In that however, I have by and large been unable to keep much happening over here.

I’d like to get some more activity and traction happening here on Mantapus while I keep active in moving Straight Outta Comicon forward.  Im not sure what will be here though.  Mantapus Productions strength has always been its flexibility, be it films, acting, comedy, sketch work, writing… Its a brand that is able to support whatever creative endeavor I want.  Mantapus will always been home to my stand up comedy, but otherwise Im not sure what all I want to use this spot for.  The one thing that is certain is that I want it to grow alongside Straight Outta Comicon, not sit in the shadow.

So, keep an eye here and on

I have some pretty big things in mind for 2013, and theres no room for letting any of our webfaces go un polished.